Frequently Asked Questions

Portsmouth North End Cycling Club is a non-profit club, run by volunteers determined  to make the sport and pastime of cycling, accessible to all – an equitable club. All our revenue, from membership subscriptions, road race and time-trials, is ploughed back into the club, enabling us to: deliver coaching; pay for venue hire; promote events; and ensure our volunteers are equipped with the skills, qualifications, and support required to further all rider’s needs.

Our Online Membership application form can be accessed here & further membership details explained below.

We’re not a proud club and are more than happy to accept donations to further improve: the service; promoted events; coaching; and accessibility of the club to young and old.

We are also happy to be involved with charity rides and events, supporting rides through the local area.

If you’d like to help the club, get in touch with any of the Committee volunteers below.

Thank you.

If you have a question not covered by the frequently asked ones below, please email one of the Committee.


Where do we meet? 
All club rides, unless specifically nominated for an event, meet at The George Inn at the top of Portsdown Hill.

(see map on Sunday Club rides page)

For the club meetings and a general get together we gather at The Victory Indoor Bowls Club on the grounds of the Mountbatten Centre from about 7:30 pm on the 1st Monday of each month (except Bank holidays). Bar refreshments, tea and coffee is available. With a photo card you get a discount at the bar. Contact the Social Secretary to arrange a photo session.

There is a secure area inside the club to park bikes (just inside the bar area, immediately to the left of the dining/table area. Please turn off your lights prior to entering the building.

(see map on the Social page)


How far do we ride?
This is dependent on whether you join either the 'Sporty' or 'Social' ride - please see the Sunday Club Run page for more information.


How much is it to join?
See the “JOIN US” details below.
We run our membership from 1st Jan to 31st Dec, but don't wait until then, we'll calculate it pro rata if you join part way through the year.


Do I need to wear club kit?
No not at all. However we sell a range of PNE club clothing if you wish to be seen in the famous red, white and blue.  Just contact who can advise to what items are available from stock held and also explain the online ordering process (accessed during a time related 'shop window').


Do you cater for female riders?
Yes we do - in fact our commitment is to encourage more ladies and girls to join in our monthly coaching sessions at the Mountbatten traffic-free circuit and U18s at South Downs College Cycle Coaching sessions..


Will I get left behind?
Generally we have a policy that we will not leave a rider to find their way home alone. Stop points and slow up sections are normally incorporated when a slower rider is in the group.


What type of bike do I need to ride?
 A serviced and roadworthy racing bike that is comfortable for the rider and capable of covering a suitable distance.


What types of riding do we do?
Nothing to put anyone off. Firstly, the rides will be to build up your confidence to enable you to ride accompanied and in close proximity of others. This also includes general hand signals & instructions to warn other riders in the group of obstructions and other road users where abouts.  Then as time moves on and the rider becomes more experienced, paced riding in a close grouping formation, otherwise known as "Chain gang" it's a higher paced riding that involves riders taking the lead at set intervals within the group. All riders within the group when not leading, slot in at the rear until their turn at the front comes round again.


What do I need to come on a club run?
 As above, a roadworthy racing bike. Spare inner tubes and a drink and a small amount of re-energising food.  (Banana)


What’s a time trial?
This is where individual riders (though sometimes it can be in pairs) rides at their best capability for the set distance of that course. Each starting at one minute intervals. There must be no taking pace (drafting or slip streaming) from other riders. Each rider once finished is given their time achieved and a position of that day.


What’s a road race?
This is the opposite of a time trial. All riders start together, ride normally as a bunch using their strengths to outwit the other riders to gain the front position. This is not only for the finish, but at particular sections of the ride to gain points in sprints, hill climbs and primes. Sometimes a team may enter with the intention to work together as to gain a better advantage on the podium.


What’s a sportive and do you do any?
 A good quantity of PNE members have entered a few this year and found them to be very enjoyable. A good challenge and a milestone for fitness.


What’s an audax or randonee
This is a longer ride that is for the experienced rider. Whereas club rides are around the 30-40 miles and of occasion 70 miles. Audax and Randonee are commonly over the 100mile mark.


Membership Application
Our Online Membership application form can be accessed here
Once your application has been submitted please register to use the Online Members Area. You will also be subsequently contacted by the Membership Secretary to arrange payment details.
Details of the pro-rata membership fee depending on which month you initially join are automatically calculated on the form.
For all Membership enquiries please contact the Membership Secretary membership@

Subscription renewals are due from the 1st of January (with a 3 month window for payment until 31st March, after which memberships are deemed to have expired) and run to 31st December.

Full member 
Basically, this entitles you to ride and race (if you so choose to) in the PNE colours.

Associate Membership*  (2nd Claim)     
   *This is commonly used by cyclists who are 1st Claim members of another club and wish to join another. A common type of Membership across all clubs. 

Annual Subscriptions 

Full Adult Member


Associate Membership


Junior U18
Youth U16



As an adult member of a GoRide accredited club you can claim a FREE 12 month Bronze British Cyling Membership for new BC Members

Youth British Cycling Membership is FREE for first 12 months with a FREE Racing licence - so what you waiting for!?


Club Rules & Club Constitution

Our Club rules & Constitution, can be found using the links below

Club Rules

Portsmouth North End Cycling Club Constitution

Additional PNECC Forms & Terms of Reference can be found here


Portsmouth North End Committee



Graham Coleman



Vice Chairman

Harry Jackson



Raymond Gregory

Raymond Gregory


General Secretary

Paul Martin



Graham Coleman



Road Secretary

Ken Houlberg


Time Trials Secretary

David Knight


CX Secretary

Alan Collins


CX Sec


Coach & Youth Development

Dave Gwilliam



Club Captain

Steve Went


Media Officer

Connor Parsley


Social Secretary

Alan Collins



Club Kit

Tom Goodyer





Club Welfare Officer

Dave Swaffer



Deputy Club Welfare Officer

Angela Orme




The club depends on volunteers. If you would like to volunteer & help your club, please contact any of the Committee above. Thank you